Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Eve of Redemption

Photo is courtesy of my favorite graphic artist nzdzeni who published it on Flickr and owns the Copyrights. nzdzeni added the folowing caption:

"This one was requested / inspired by Zeev [That’s me, zeevveez].
The shape of the Star of David alludes to the seventh day, the day of rest and *ultimately* redemption. The pictures in each part of the clock depict one day of creation according to the Genesis account".

According to my calculations (correct me if I'm wrong) we are presently at 17:47 in the afternoon on Friday. Shabbat begins Friday evening which was last Friday on 18:59 in Jerusalem, 19:21 in Telaviv and 19:13 in Haifa.
Since Balaam's prophecy the Star of David was always connected to Messianic expectations.

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