Monday, May 14, 2007

Yellow Badge, Testimony of a Jewish Girl

Yellow Badge israeli art Photo is courtesy of Artist and Doctor Martin Kieselstein who published it in his book We Have No Other Land under the title The Yellow Star.

Here’s a testimony of a Jewish girl about the Yellow Badge
Eva Heyman, diary entry (31st March, 1944)

Today an order was issued that from now on Jews have to wear a yellow star-shaped patch. The order tells exactly how big the star patch must be, and that it must be sewn on every outer garment, jacket or coat…

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Lucian said...

Eva Heyman was born in Nagyvarad, Hungary in 1931. When she was thirteen the country was occupied by the German Army.

Actually, that's part of Romania. (I'm not questioning the fact that at that time it probably was under Hungarian occupation, since the entire Transylvania was under Hungarian yoke for about a millennium: 800's to 1800's) :

BTW, did You know that Moyshe Oysher was a Bassarabian Jew? (I have his 1937 "Cantor's Son" movie on my computer -- he really sings beautifully).