Monday, May 21, 2007

Judith Weinshall Liberman, Triangles

ART Jewish Yellow Badge, Photo is courtesy of Judith Weinshall Liberman who sent me the following caption:
TRIANGLES is a wall hanging - a work on fabric - and is part of Judith Weinshall Liberman's Holocaust Wall Hangings series. This wall hanging is 33" by 114" (102 cm by 285 cm) and was created in 1998. Fourteen of the Holocaust Wall Hangings, including TRIANGLES, are in the permanent collection of the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A., together with the artist's Holocaust Paintings series and other works by this artist. The focus here is on six of the insignia worn by Jewish inmates of Nazi concentration camps. The insignia were composed of triangular fabric patches of various designated colors – red for “Political”, green for “Hardcore Criminal”, blue for “Emigrant”, purple for “Jehovah’s Witness”, pink for “Homosexual” and black for “Antisocial” – superimposed upside down upon the “basic” yellow triangle indicating “Jew”. The presentation is based on the row entitled “Insignia for Jews” in the table of insignia of concentration camp inmates as seen in an original document in the camp museum at Dachau.
All rights reserved to Judith Weinshall Liberman 2007

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