Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Jews with Tattoos

Jews with Tattoos magen davidPhoto is courtesy of jessie doncaster who Published it on Flickr under the title:"for me pa" with the caption:
my new tatt... got it a few weeks ago but it still isn't completely healed... it's for my dad for a lot of reasons.... maybe i'll explain later :)


zeevveez said...

See religious tattoos:

zeevveez said...

Ilan Sasson, 35, said that he feels “alienated from American Jews.” Sasson, a self-trained “electro-mechanical assembler” and motorcycle enthusiast who once “owned nine bikes,” said he does not fit the profile of a north shore resident.

“I have Jewish tattoos: my whole back is a Star of David, and my family name is [tattooed] in Hebrew letters,” he said. “I lead a very secular lifestyle.”