Sunday, May 20, 2007

Avinoam Damari, Yellow Badge

ART, Israeli, Yellow BadgePhoto is courtesy of my dear friend, Avinoam Damari, who works in the Israeli Educational TV in his working hours and on the mosaics on the fence of his house in his spare time. Avinoam Damari wrote to me that this Yellow Badge mosaic is a reminder for the Jewish people to do what is necessary in order to never again be in a situation of holocaust.
I find it interesting that although Avinoam Damari’s family is from Yemen – and didn’t suffer in Europe during WWII - he chose to express his Jewish identity by the Yellow Badge.
Another interesting point is that he chose street art, which becomes part of everyday life, and not art that is closed in galleries and books.
IMHO there are too few art works in the Israeli neighborhood – it seems that Israelis carry the traumas of their previous generations, and find it hard to invest in beautifying their environment, afraid that they will have to leave it in the near future.
These considerations make a respected room for this Yellow Badge mosaic in “my virtual exhibition” titled “Star of David on a Yellow Badge”.

BTW I think that showing art on the internet is a kind of art street that makes art works accessible to those who never put a foot in a gallery.
Copyright: Avinoam Damari, 2007

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