Thursday, April 12, 2007

Salvation Shequel Stamp

Dr.Hayim Grosman lectured On 5 April Yavne symposium about the “Star of David and Theodore Herzl: two symbols in one price .”
Dr. Hayim Grosman claimed that Herzl became a symbol and his icon was used with his full cooperation in order to promote the Zionist cause. The Star of David was used for the same purpose. Each symbol was enough to achieve the above mentioned target and when they appeared together it was like "two symbols in one price".
This was one of the photos Dr. Hayim Grosman screened there: the Salvation Shequel Stamp. It was issued towards the 5th Zionist congress and it was used as a receipt that was given to donors. It was re issued on 1980 by the JNF.
BTW, another stamp by the JNF from 1940 with these two symbols together shows the famous E.M Lilien photo of Herzl leaning on the balcony in Bazel Hotel while a Star of David appears in the center of the caption.

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