Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Obelisk Zodiac and Planets

Keena posted on 21-4-2004 the most simple explanation I ever read about the possible astronomical origin of Star of David (which he abbreviates to SOD- a word that in Hebrew means secret):
What I know of the Star of David is that it represented the solution to the Cosmic Equation regarding precise calendar orientation... 

If you want to know where the Taurus (The Bull) constellation is in the night sky, all you would have to do is stand on the patio stone of the Bull, and look at the point of the obelisk in the center, and you would see the bull... 

The other useful purpose of these zodiacs was to track the movement of the planets...The Star of David, two interposing triangle, super imposed on you zodiac, aligned on the rose, would tell you which stars to look at to determine (triangulate) exactly “When” you are in regard to the seasons (Earth Tilt). 

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