Monday, April 09, 2007


Picture of Madonna with Magen David is courtesy of monhsi from Flickr.
It seems that the Magen  David finds a mysterious way to infiltrate into the shows of Mega-Stars like Bono and Madonna. Madonna sang her song “Forbidden Love” on Confessions Tour Concert, in Tokyo, Japan, accompanied by two dancers: a Jewish Magen David was painted on one and a Muslim Star and Crescent on another.

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Lucian said...

She converted to the Kabala. The Rabbis said that since Kabala teaches the existence of plurality within God, Judaism cannot agree with it. When I asked the Rabbi (Mr. Eliahu Levenson) at Jewish Answers about it, he said only that it's esoteric, and on the fringe of Judaism, meant to be studied only by a select few, and that people should do better occupying their time with trying to fulfill the Torah, or Noachide Laws, respectively. -- Can You offer me any help on the traditional Jewish view regarding the Kabalists, please?