Monday, April 16, 2007

Bless This Business

An elegant ceramic Bless-This-Business (Birkat Haessek, in Hebrew) pendant on a white Star of David within another Star of David decorated with colorful small glasses. 
The more I learn about the six- pointed star the more I get convinced that it is about protection. I think the translation of Magen David into Shield of David is only one possible translation. I prefer to translate it into David’s PROTECTOR, and David's protector is God. These are quite contrary interpretations since the shield points at the military gear while the protector points at the spiritual source of strength.

Also, we find many hexagrams on city walls, like the Ottoman walls that surround the old city in Jerusalem. Walls are physical protectors and those kings who embedded hexagrams in them, all along history, tried to answer the question who will protect the protectors?

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