Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sumerian Cylinder Seal

Sumerian Cylinder Seal HexagramZecharia Sitchin found a cylinder seal VA/243 in the Vorderasiatisches Museum in Berlin. This seal is dated to c.2500 B.C.
This seal is decorated with
celestial symbols maybe the Sun
surrounded by the planets.
© Z. Sitchin 2001
Reproduced by permission.

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Lucian said...

Actually, it's the Sun & the rest of the seven Planets [represented by the Hexagram], and the many-many stars [symbolized by the many-many dots].
The Sun is in the center because he's, like, the biggest, brightest, most important and clearly obsevable thing in the sky, ... NOT because they (the Summerians) knew anything about Helioentrism.
As I've already said, the indistinguishable, undifferentiated dots are the Stars, not the Solar System.
[The ancient paradigm between planets and stars was as follows: Planet = wanderer astray; from the Greek word plane, meaning deceit, deceiving, deception (because they move in the opposite direction as the rest of the sky);; Star = the rest of the heavenly bodies, which move in the same direction as the sky].