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The inverted triangle is visualized at the lower end of the spine, or more accurately, at the perineum, the base of the torso. While controlling and directing one's breathing, and visualizing specific colors (corresponding with specific mental and bodily functions, musical tones, etc.) one's center of attention gradually shifts upward, being imagined in successively higher locations until it reaches the crown of the head where it joins the other triangle that has its apex pointed upward. This overlapping of triangles forms the emblem of the mysterium conjunctionis, or Seal of Solomon, visualized as settling down into the center of the chest, that part of our physical anatomy we conven-tionally associate with the "heart": in an ancient sense, the "soul."
From: Oscar Ichazo, The Human Process for Enlightenment and Freedom, Arica Institute, New York (1976), p. 78 f., and p. 92. ]
The Arica School was founded in 1968 by Bolivian-born Oscar Ichazo.

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Paul Martyn-Smith said...

The Chakra correspond to the math of the 'Chinese Book of Changes', in that, 6 levels correspond to the inner energy drives of matter (the physical body construct) and the 7th level is the position of rest or the place of clear observation of all movements of energy that occur in the 6 lines or levels.

The Hexagrams or binary cubes are formed from the Trigrams or triangles of Heaven and Earth, so this gives 3 lower centres and 3 upper centres of activity through which energy rises up to produce physical movement. Inner observation gives one the objective view of all these movements, and through practice they are found to be universal in their scope - we all, and all things function in the same way as the energy transforms to make all things. This allows the whole universal construct to be seen within one's own being, and when the position of rest is attained the physical can be given up to the wisdom or the law that makes it all function. The energy or light enters the dark and moves it, and all the movements have a mathematic code derived from a singularity and a duality (light is an unbroken line, dark/duality is a broken line).

The values given by the values to Heaven and Earth (these appear as odd and even integers between 1 and 10), and the union of Heaven and Earth produce the values of the Hexagram's, as Heaven and Earth fit together as binary opposites. The values obtained from the Hexagrams relate to the construction of time and the measurement of space, but they also have a deeper function as they also give the maths of the information that produces changes in the sub-atomic field (they are a universal binary code).

Therefore the ancients knew the connection between the inner and the outer in both the psychological and physical, and their unification was their great achievement as they understood the whole process of creation from beginning to end, and also found the inner source of energy within the body of matter 'The Well'. We are now also getting to grips with how this works through modern science, but also through understanding the practices that the ancients employed - again we can relate the two together.

The maths of this is now undone, the values of Heaven and Earth gives us the same values as the ancient used in both time and measure, all of which is the construction of the sacred mountain 'Meru'.

Regards Paul.