Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Theosophical Seal

Picture of Blavatsky’s-Hexagram with Swastika seal is copied from Wikipedia. The Australian Theosophical Society Newsletter explains:

The five prominent symbols in the [Theosophical ] Seal are:
1. The Star of David
2. The Ankh
3. The Swastika
4. The Ouroboros (Serpent swallowing its tail)
5. Aum.
Also known as King Solomon’s seal, in India known as the seal of Vishnu and viewed by Pythagoreans as the symbol of creation. The interlaced triangles signify the polarity of nature and spirit, male and female, light and dark. The six points of the star reach toward the serpent of eternity, changing and evolving through time.


Lucian said...

I may be an ignorant, but who/what gave them the idea that Vishnu might be the god of wisdom?

Lucian said...

And where are the Ankh and the Aum found on this seal?