Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ten Thousand Years Old Yantra

Yantra HexagramPicture is courtesy of Suzanne Olsson who published it her Website together with an article about THE STAR OF DAVID where she wrote:
The above yantra was carved nearly 10,000 years ago into a rock near Adam's Peak in Sri Lanka. Adam was thought to have visited there, and Noah was believed to have brought the remains of Adam and Eve on the Ark for reburial. If the star was first associated with Hebrews that far back, then Solomon was not the first priest-king to continue it as a family symbol. This leaves several ways the Star symbol was brought into India and became the yantra.

I sent her an email asking for the sources for this photo and she answered me:
I have lost the source that dated the black rocks in Sri Lanka and India...I recall it was the Department of Antiquities in's been about five years since I first came across the information...I wish I had saved the sources...You might be able to recover them eventually through internet searches...


zeevveez said...

The Satkona yantra, cut into black stone with the diagram of the Kataragama deity. Representation of flames along the periphery, the Tamil OM in the centre. In the Museum für Völkerkunde, Basel. From Wirz (1954)
Paul Wirz, Kataragama the Holiest Place in Ceylon, trans. by Doris Berta Pralle, (Colombo: Gunasena, 1966), p. 20.

zeevveez said...

IMHO this 10000 year thing is a legend:
Dr. Manoshi Bhattacharya wrote that
The earliest evidence of this symbol was found among coins from the excavation of the city of Ujjain in India. The coins have been dated to be 2000 - 3000 years old.