Monday, February 05, 2007

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics hexagram
Diagram is courtesy of Dr. Remo Roth who wrote to me:
…[the Star of David] is the symbol of the arrangement of the first three quarks and antiquarks; Thus, the Seal [Seal of Solomon, Star of David] belongs to quantum physics, or even to a deeper region which Carl Jung and Wolfgang Pauli called the psychophysical reality, a reunion of the split between matter and spirit/psyche, outer and inner world, masculine and feminine principle (and especially important for your country: a reunion of Judaism/Christianism with the Islam). It is the symbol of the 21st century, since at the beginning of it we will have to deal with this reunion – or go under in an apocalyptic catastrophe.


Lucian said...

I've browsed through the afferent links and the image of the Pelican as related to Christ reminded me of the following verse from the Funeral Song of Our Lord :

"Like a pelican
You've been wounded in Your flank, O Word,
And gave life to Your sons that have died,
Spreading living water-springs above them".


weijie0077 said...
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