Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Find The Differences

Hexagram JerichoHexagram Picture from Hisham's palace is courtesy of "markuscuel" who published it on Flickr. Picture of IDF emblem is copied from Wikipedia.
I changed the angle of the hexagram from Hisham's palace in photoshop in order to enable more convenient comparison between the two shapes.

IMHO Muslims who dislike the Star of David may look at it as an ancient Omayyad emblem. The hexagram is an inter-religious symbol. In the course of time it served Muslims, Christians, Jews and Budhists and there's no need to hate it just because it is identified currently with Israel and the Jews.

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Anonymous said...

I am a Muslim, and I do not hate the star of David. I hate what happens to innocent people under the guise of religion though - anywhere and to any peoples of the world, regardless of their faith. A mother crying over a dead child because of war is a mother that could have been saved the agony, regardless of her faith had people been at peace together.