Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Ajax Hexagram Picture of one of the Hexagram of Ajax (the Amsterdam soccer team) fans is courtesy of uruandimi who published it on Flickr. He shot it in a shack frequented by youngsters at a holiday park in West-Amsterdam. Ajax fans use Jewish and Israeli symbols even though they are non Jewish. 

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zeevveez said...

Tottenam fans developed a similar phenomenon:
"In the English Premier League, the hardcore fans
of Tottenham Hotspur have in recent years taken
to identifying themselves as "Yids"
(traditionally a highly pejorative English term
of abuse for Jews) and displaying the Israeli
flag at matches. This is largely done as a
backlash to many years of virulent anti-semitic
abuse aimed at them by the fans of their main
London rivals; Arsenal, West Ham, and
particularly Chelsea. The north-eastern London
suburb of Tottenham traditionally had a sizeable
Jewish population, and this was frequently used
as a point of reference for abuse by their
opponents' fans. Tottenham fans have now turned
this around into a bizarre term of honour for
themselves, although very few of them are actually Jewish"
Brit-Am Now"-891