Saturday, January 06, 2007

WW2 Medals

Six pointed stars on Great Britain WW2 medals.

Picture is courtesy of Daniel Morris who published it on Flickr and wrote in the caption:

My auntie phoned my mum and asked me to take a photo of my Grandad with his medals from WW2.

Eight campaign six pointed stars were created for the 2nd World War (1939-1945)


Lucian said...

Hy there, me again!

As I read through Your blog (beginning with the suggested links, and continuing with certain of the side-links which seemed relatively relevant and/or intersting enough), I found myself going through the words 'lily here, lily there, lily everywhere', all the time thinking that what is meant by 'lily' is the Romanian word 'liliac' ('lilac' in English), ... without even realising that it was the Romanian word 'crin' which was actually meant by it ... the 'crin' being the flower which in Christian Orthodox Tradition the Holy Archangel Gavriil gave the Holy Ever-Virgin Mary at the time of the Annunciation [as a symbol of her precious inner-most purity]. (I found this out by reading some marginal entry in Your blog, and I've confirmed it for myself by using the Eng-Rom&Rom-Eng Dictionaries I have installed on my computer). Allmost every icon of this event pictures the Holy Archangel Gavriil with such a white rose in his hand. This scene is also painted on the 2 Royal Doors in literally every Orthodox Church anywhere (one door showing the Archangel with the lily in his hand, and the other one picturing the Virgin with a bowed head).
By the way, would You please be so kind as to tell me which are the names of the 7 Great Archangels in Judaism, if You know them?

Also I see You're quite aware of the very frequent & millennia-long occurence of the Star Of David in the Hindu (and later, in the Buddhist) Religions. You wrote in response that 'every Star Of David is a hexagram, but not every hexagram is a Star Of David' -- which is true enough ... but it doesn't apply in this case! [check it out & I think You will be indeed, VERY much surprised :) as to what You'll find out!] -- all I can say, without spoiling to much of a surprise, is that the conection between the Hindu Star Of David and Wisdom isn't -not even by a long shot!- coincidental :) You'll also find out that those 2 Stars Of David have one of their central (not marginal) meanings in common!

Also, someone said that Sumerians understood that a circle can be divided into six equal arcs using only a straight rule and compas. They viewed this fact as proof of divine intervention and You asked him to send You the sources for his claims about ancient Sumeria and You'll publish them ... this is just like asking someone to cite the authorities for saying that the ancients believed that matter consisted out of 4 elements (fire, air, water, earth) ... what I mean is: publish alone, and be at ease, because these are generally known and undisputed facts. It's nothing new and controversial about them.
[The ancients understood from very early on --antiquity, if not even prehistory-- that the ray (radius) of the circle, sustained by the circle without being curved in order to touch the circle, entered exactly six times in the circle (i.e., the regular hexagon inscribed in the circle has the side equal to the ray (radius) of the circle)].

Also, regarding Your posts containing certain traces of links between Far-Eastern Cultures and the Jews are anything but far-fetched; for instance: the Emperor of Japan had a mirror in his bedroom, with 4 undeciphered hieroglyphs on it. At a convention he showed it to a certain Rabbi. The Rabbi was immediately able to recognize the Tetragrammaton on it. Also, there is a tribe there (in the Far-East, if not Japan) that speaks of this guy, who was their founder, and who was rescued, from a floating basket put at sea, by a princess, and who later had to rescue his persecuted conationals from the very kingly family which rescued him, and how he had to cross a sea by foot in order to get rid of them following him & his tribe, and that his name was "M"-something...

Christians count their calendar from the birth of Jesus; while the Jewish calendar begins with Adam, the father of all mankind (Gen. 5:1) -- quite frankly, we did this only late on in our history, and then only in imitation of the Catholics; for instance, the Book called "The Letopisets of the Moldavian Country" written in 1675 by Grigore Ureche and Miron Costin still counts the years from the foundation of the world. [It begins by saying: "The Letopisets of the Moldavian Country from King Aaron onward, ... published ... in the year from the building of the world 7183"]. In the Christian Orthodox Tradition, the time-leap from the expulsion of Adam out of Paradise (1st September year 1) and to the birth of Our Lord and Redeemer Jesus the Christ is 5508 years (following the Septuagint). The moment of creation itself is unknown due to the fact that Adam lived in Paradise before his expulsion, and this being a state of Heaven, it's outside of time. We take it however to refer to the 1st of March, or the 1st of April (depending if you're in the West or Russia [then it's the 1 of March], or in the other Eastern-Orthodox countries [then it's the 1st of April--that's why the 1st of April is the Day of Practical Jokes, because when the calendar changed, people knew not when to pay the taxes, or when to celebrate the New Year, etc; then others simply just scoffed at those whoe weren't aware of the change in the calendar, and so on]).

Sorry for this long post with many words and few ideas. I would also like to ask forgiveness for all the spelling errors that might've 'crawled' into it.

Wishing You all the well in the world,

Craciun Lucian,

zeevveez said...

Dear Lucian

Thanks for your long anf interesting Email - the longer the better, it shows that you care about the subject matter.

I prefer many short emails so that latter its easier to find it by title and see what I wrote on my other blog about microcontent e.g.

Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Sariel, Raguel, and Remiel

Keep in touch


Anonymous said...

I just saw Your blogger info, and it seems You're a Virgo, such as myself (I was born on September the 19th). That's an interesting coincidence :)

The list You gave me coincides with that of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, and both are taken from the same Book of Enoch. I saw in Kabbalistic works the names Zedekiel (Sachiel), Jophiel (Cassiel) and Chamuel (Samael) instead of the last 3. (This last listing I've also found in great Church Fathers such as Dyonisius the Areopagite and Gregory I). I've written a little piece about it here:
The Orthodox Church's list is with Salatheil, Varachiel and Gudiel as the last 3.

Craciun Lucian,