Monday, January 15, 2007

Sumerian MAGAN is Egypt

Usually the Hebrew name for the Star of David is Magen David, but on the Web you'll find all the other possible spellings: Magen Dawid, Mogan david etc. Search Engines are so dumb that when you ask for one such spelling they ignore the others although the meaning is exactly the same. That's how I stumbled upon a very interesting idea about the origin of the Star of David that I missed until now just because the author used the Mogan david spelling- all I had to do was to mis-spell:

In the Sumerian language 'MAGAN' = Egypt.
According to Zecharia Sitchin, in 'The Wars of Gods and Men', page 180; "Jerusalem - Ur-Shulim, the City of Shulim, meant 'The Supreme Place of the Four Regions', and the Sumerian emblem of the Four Regions applied to it, [and was], possibly the forerunner of the Jewish emblem called the 'Star of David'. Emblem of the four regions at left.

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