Friday, January 05, 2007

Star of David Dance

Magen David Dance is quite a rare phenomenon. It makes one think why is it so rare. It seems that for some mysterious reason we are not at ease with out national simbol - we have no songs about it, nor musicals nor symphony nor dances. I asked several musicians to write a special piece dedicated to  the Magen David. I'll update you if it happens.

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Craciun Lucian said...

Hello, my name is Craciun Lucian, and I'm from Arad, Romania.
I've come across Your site via Wikipedia, and it's very refreshing to see people with similar, related interests, such as mine.
I'm curious about Your answer to my following proposal:

I'm planning on writing a word-document (".doc") in the following 1-2-3 months (OK, I know it's not soon enough :) ) in which I will express my thoughts about the number 7 [it's relation to the Star Of David being obvious]. To be more precise, about it's mystical-historical meaning in the light of the Jewish and Christian-Orthodox Traditions (I'm a Romanian Orthodox Christian). Would You be interested in sending You a copy of him? If so, then You can either post a reply here, or get in touch with me via e-mail at .

In case You think maybe it's a too long time to wait for, I'll sneak You here some little clues to ponder-about in the mean time :) :
think not only about the number itself, but also to the way in which it is obtained/constructed mathematically (Maths&Religion are my 2 old passions, by the way).
To be more precise: think not only about the 7 days of Creation, but also about the way in which they are ordered, or grouped.
Also, think not only about the 7 apertures of the head, but also about the way in which they are grouped and ordered.
Likewise, think of the arrangement of the branches of the Menora (and don't just stop at the obvious fact that there are 7 of them).

Did I succeed in steering Your interest also? :) I eagerly await Your answer!