Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jews For Jesus Logo

In the Jews For Jesus logo the letter "o" in the word "for" is replaced by a Star of David.

Rick Ross published in 1982 a booklet titled:
"What in G-d's name is going on in Arizona?! Impostors - Hiding Behind the Star of David."
The groups he blames as hiding behind the Star of David were
Jews for Jesus
The Jewish Voice Broadcast
Messianic Congregation
Campus Crusade
Hebrew Christians
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
Young Life
Here's Life
Picture is courtesy of "Cygnoir" from Flickr


Glory B. said...

If people believe that Jesus (who was from the line of David, tribe of Judah) is the Messiah, how can it be "trickery" for them to identify with that symbol? And not all Jews reject Jesus as the messiah--I'm Jewish and I believe in him. I used to wear a star of David necklace with a cross in the middle. If you want to talk about the abuse of symbols, I think (devout) Jews and Christians (Jewish or not) can agree that one of the worst violations is the rainbow as the banner for the homosexual community.

zeevveez said...

I'm not saying that I agree or dis- agree with Mr. Ross. All I meant to say was that there are more groups that use the Star of David than one imagines.