Monday, December 11, 2006

Known to the ancient Egyptians

The WWW is full of nasty articles about the Star of David. The authors of these articles are trying to prove that the six pointed star is mean and that using it is idolatry. They quote all kinds of unreliable sources and add a lot of wishful thinking of their own. Usually I don’t give them a stage on my blog but today I got the Brit-Am Now-820 and because I liked Yair Davidiy’s Answer to Michelle, I’ll make an exception.

Yair Davidiy Answer to Michelle:
You sent me extracts from an article claiming that the Star of David is the sign of Saturn etc
The article had a lot of quotation e.g

"The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia declares that the SIX-POINTED
STAR... according to the Rosicrucian... was known to the ancient
Egyptians." (Graham, p. 13)

There is no proof of this
Even if it was true (and I think it is not) it would not prove anything
I am afraid to say that The Universal Jewish Encyclopedia may not always be
such a good source and "the Rosicrucians" are even worse

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