Sunday, December 03, 2006


The following paragraph is taken from a new chapter, The Time Space Correlation, which doesn’t appear on Dr. Asher Eder’s book The Star of David, which was published in 1987 in English in Jerusalem by Rubin Mass Ltd.
While the hexagram, formed by two equilateral interlacing triangles, may stand for the world with its material and spiritual aspects and their manifold polarities given to our perception, the beyond is marked here by the commonly accepted sign for infinity and eternity, namely the figure 8 in horizontal position: oo.
It is not merely incidental that this sign is composed of two joining zeros. The supposed naught (no thing) before there was anything could be indicated by one zero. The joining of two zeros to form the figure 8 was apparently invented to indicate the state beyond, or "after", the perceptible world characterized by the number seven and what it stands for (e.g. 7 days; 7 colors of the visible light; 7 notes of the scale). In its horizontal position, the sign oo would then mark eternity so-to-speak "before" and "after" the world of 7, the latter being embedded therein. This "before" and "after" should not be understood merely timewise. It rather includes --even foremost so-- the so-called supernatural forces attributed to the Divine which our present science is not able to "count, measure, weigh".
Not surprisingly, the number eight plays an important role in the Tanakh which, inter alia, ordains circumcision as a sign of the Divine Covenant to be performed on the eighth day.

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