Monday, November 27, 2006

Dodge Emblem 1935

Dodge Emblem 1935 Hexagram

Photo is courtesy of “cameradawktor” who published it on Flickr.

The Dodge brothers Horace and John were Jewish, that's why the first Dodge emblem had a Star of David in it. This is only one of many answers to this enigma.


AJT said...

I could be wrong, but my research has indicated that the Dodge bros were not Jewish, they were hard drinking farm lads who had a bent for engineering. It has been speculated that the Dodge bros never knew that the magen david was a Jewish symbol and used two greek letter deltas to represent the two D's. They got involved in financing Ford by default - they supplied the engines for the first cars Henry built (pre model T) and when Ford could not pay they agreed to take shares in the fledgling Ford co rather than put the co into liquidation. John the older brother became vice president of Ford and they used their massive dividends to start producing their own car, an upmarket version of the model T. Henry did not mind about the car but when the bros stopped taking an active part in his company he became very upset because he hated the idea of people receiving dividends without doing any work and he reduced dividend payments to the absolute minimum. They took him to court and won the case and about $20 mill in back dividends Henry then bought them out. Sadly they both died about a year later and their widows sold ther compay to Chrysler. In the late 30's, with rising anti jewish sentiment, Chrysler removed the magen david from the Dodge badge.

zeevveez said...

"At the time the emblem was selected (most likely 1912-1914) it's likely that the Dodge brothers were unaware of its use in Judiasm. In fact, at this time, that symbol was not used universally in this context..."
1. These are two interlocking Greek letter "deltas" or "Ds" for the two Dodge brothers
2. A midieval symbol of mysticism and the joining of mind and body, also possibly the joining of two brothers, who were known to be personally very close, in this business venture.
3. An abstraction of the square and compass of the Freemasons.
4. Nothing more or less than a badge with six pointed star similar to those used for law-enforcement officer's badges, some outlined with triangles. Sheriff, Marshall, and police badges frequently were and are six pointed stars. The old-west Dodge City badge had six points. Horace Dodge was said to enjoy accompanying local law-enforcement officers on their runs.

The Dodge Brothers Club News editor wrote that "emblem is also a "Solomon’s Seal" sign of interconnected spirits, as the brothers were." The source for the FAQ information on this topic appears to be Dodge Bros, the men, the motorcars, the legacy, by Charles K. Hyde, Wayne State University Press, 2004."

CameraDawktor said...

just doing a search on my photos and your site came up, thanks for giving my photo credit! :)

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Anonymous said...

It is very unlikely that Ford would have ever closely associated himself with Jewish partners or providers. He was a professed anti Semite.