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The Great American Seal

The Great American Seal hexagramThe following paragraph is from Dr. Asher Eder’s book The Star of David, which was published in 1987 in English in Jerusalem by Rubin Mass Ltd. The publication here is courtesy of Oren Mass
In the culture of India, where it must have been known since ancient times, the six-pointed star still plays a role. It is found there in Hindu temples and shrines, and also on the flag of Indian ships, while in Nepal it is embroidered on the front of the king's headgear.
There, it is considered a symbol of harmony between spirit and matter. In Yoga schools, this idea is well expressed by graphic representations of the human chakras7 with the star marking the heart chakra as the central and connecting link between the three lower "carnal" chakras and the three upper "spiritual" chakras. While the lower and upper chakras are all represented by Sanskrit letters, it is noteworthy that only the heart chakra is depicted by an abstract sign, the six-pointed star.
In the tantric teaching, the star serves as a symbol for relationship between man and wife.
Some Indian tribes of North America have used it "since ancient times as a symbol expressing the wisdom of 'as it is above, so it is below', as well as the union of spirit and matter, heaven and earth."8
While each state of the United States of America is represented by a pentagram in their "Stars-and-Stripes" flag, their Great Seal incorporates a six-pointed star; or, to be more precise, a hexagram-like arrangement of the thirteen pentagrams which represent the 13 founding states of the USA.


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Michael Tsarion explains the appearance of the stars on the one dollar bill in his online book
The Irish Origins of Civilization:

"Egyptian Solar Eagle with "Star of David." The term david is a code for "The Beloved One" - a reference to the Pharaoh Akhenaton. The 13 stars are the 12 tribes around Aton. The Eagle is the hierogram for the "First" or "One"- connoting Aton. The image of an Eagle stood for the term Akha, as we find in the name Akhenaton. The words "Annuit Coeptis: above the pyramid at which the eagle is staring means "He Favors Our Undertaking." The "He" is Akhenaton and/or his god."

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Excerpt from:

The U.S.: Founded on Occultism, Not Christianity, by Sharon Boyd.
The Crest of the United States is composed of three elements: the
Glory or Radiance, the Cloud, and the Constellation or Stars.
_The Glory_, obviously, symbolizes the presence of God. It also
represents the Divine Ray of Consciousness and Life which
proceeds from the Absolute. The Glory thus stands for the
spiritual consciousness of the nation.
_The Cloud_ is represented as rolling back, indicating the breaking
up of the storm of ignorance, injustice and oppression before the
dawning light of a new and potent constellation.
_The Constellation_ is composed of thirteen stars, set in the middle
of the Glory and the Cloud. The star is an ancient symbol of the
divine spark of life. Originally, the stars in the Constellation were six-pointed stars, as can be seen in the first die cast in 1782.
The second die, cast in 1825, was only used for treaties but it also
bore six-pointed stars. The five-pointed star first appeared in the
die cast by John Throop in 1841 and has been copied from die to die
since, including the die in current use. So the symbolism of the
five-pointed star was not considered by the Founding Fathers in the
design of the Crest. Instead, they used thirteen six-pointed stars
and arranged them in the shape of a larger six-pointed star.