Sunday, September 17, 2006

Agra Fort, India

Picture is courtesy of "Funki Sock Munki" who published it on Flickr
Jeff Zolitor wrote that lately he found Stars of David in two unexpected places: at a bazaar in Tijuana, Mexico, and at Agra Fort in India. In both cases locals told him they were just ornaments. Moreover, what about the four swastikas that surround it- are they too just ornaments?

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Jeff said...

I might agree with the six sided star at Agra being a Hindu symbol, if it weren't for the fact that the Red Fort at Agra was a Moslem construction, not Hindu. It was in a region and at a time in history when there was significant hostility between Hindu and Moslem.
It is also known that the builder of the fort at Agra was quite politic in his leadership.
Of course, that doesn't preclude the star from being something other than a Mogen Dovid.
Jeff Zolitor