Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Star of Damascus

There is a Six-Pointed Star on the U.S. Sword Blades which looks exactly like a Star of David. It consists of two triangles combined together, not two, separate, interlocking triangles. The writer of the article that appears in the in the website titled military-sword
Cannot absolutely confirm the history of this Six-Pointed Star;
The blade specifications for both the U.S. and British military swords require the six-pointed star with the word "Proved" etched on the blade. As best we can tell, the specification for the six-pointed star is historical in nature and was likely used to signify that the blade was manufactured using the Damascus steel method.
According to historian Ken Smith-Christmas (a curator at the Marine Corps Air-Ground Museum, Quantico, Virginia) the Damascus craftsmen were renowned for their secretive art of making steel. They formed a guild and their symbol was this six-pointed star, the star of Damascus. Wilkerson sword makers used this symbol for publicity and soon other sword makers copied the symbol on their own swords.
Now the question is: where did the Damascus craftsmen get this symbol from 1000 years ago? Readers who know how to get an answer for this question are encouraged to comment.

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Anonymous said...

It is a Jewish star of David or Seal of Solomon and it was put there by Zionists of the modern era.