Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Stars of David in art

On the website of Frank Meisler, an Israeli sculptor who has a studio in the Old City of Jaffa I found several Stars of David.

Israeli painter Nir Hod's "I Swear" shows a female soldier in the image of the artist swear on a bible and a gun with a false Star of David unit tag on her shoulder and a pendant with a Star of David in her hand.. In "Love Story" there's an Israeli officer with a Star of David on his arm in the image of the artist who's embracing a nurse who is also in the image of the artist. In the background there's a war.

 In the 80th Moshe Gershoni made a painting titled "Mizmor Ledavid"  (a hymn to David) with a black Star of David.

In 1998 Eitan Bushery and Tamar Shalev made a painting for the 50th Israeli Independence Day where the Star of David is broken into two separate triangles on the background of a fire that is going to burn it.


zeevveez said...

Aviva Beigel made a 95X109 cm Mosaic, Sand on Wood, titled Present Situation.
See: http://star-of-david.blogspot.com/2006/05/state-of-affairs.html

Batia Donner was the curator and 16 artists, 7 from Germany and 9 from Israel, showed how they see this symbol.
See: http://star-of-david.blogspot.com/2006/05/artists-delineate-territories-of.html

zeevveez said...

Zoya Cherkassky,born in 1976, is a Russian-born Israeli artist who explores provokingly
issues of Jewish identity. In her exhibition from 2002-2003 “Collectio Judaica” at Tel Aviv’s Rosenfeld Gallery, one of the items was an 18 carat gold brooch, 5 x 5 cm, titled: JUDE. It shows the holocaust Star of David/yellow badge as an ornament.