Monday, July 31, 2006

The Shape of the Star

This is a partial list of potential possible designs of the Star of David (not including materials and colors):

  1. Superimposing two triangles
  2. Superimposing two triangles so that their lines are interwoven
  3. Three superimposed congruent parallelograms or rhombuses
  4. A regular hexagon with six equilateral triangles upon each of its edges
  5. Three “butterflies”
  6. “paper hat” mirrored along a horizontal axis
  7. Six Alpha letters (Hexalpha) or six A letters
  8. Made from 3 W's
  9. Star of David leaning on "two legs" (two triangles instead of one)
  10. Star of David made from curved lines instead of straight lines
 See : Black, Max (1979). More about metaphor. In: Andrew Ortony (ed.), Metaphor and thought. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 19-43.
Double Lined
Drawn by hand
Drawn by pair of compasses
Empty or full (circumference only)
In a circle
In a hexagon
In a lattice
In a square
In two intertwined squares
Made from dots
Made from letters (micrography)
On a round object
Partial Star of David (made from unconnected triangles)
Surrounded by inscriptions
Surrounding a circle
Surrounding a flower
Surrounding a lily
Surrounding a pentagram
Surrounding a picture (like Theodor Herzl)
Three dimensional (like Yevu Yashir's design)
With a dot (like in alchemy)
With inscription inside (like Zion)
What I learned from this partial list is:
That there is no uniform shape that everybody has to obey (like in the flag).
That there is no limit to the designers' imagination…

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zeevveez said...

another design:
Two crowns - one upward one down