Saturday, July 08, 2006

Nazi Propaganda

The Star of David was used by anti-Semitic Nazi propaganda to symbolize Jews:
A drawing of a snake with Jewish Stars of David attacking a German naked woman was introduced as evidence at the Nuremberg trials to show how Nazi Germany fed the hatred to the Jews.
Josef Plank drew an octopus with a Star of David over its head grabbing the world.
Bauer published in 1936 a Children's Book titled "Don't Trust a Fox/Trust Not the Jew," One of the pictures shows an "ugly" Jew eating while on the wall over his head there's a calendar with a Star of David.
A drawing on a red background of a black rectangle with an "ugly" Jew in the center of a white Star of David.
WWII anti-American book shows Roosevelt as a puppet of the Jews under the American Stars (of David) and stripes flag.
In 1938 Nazi Propaganda Ministry requested from German film companies to make anti-Semitic films. Among those films were:
The Rothschilds: The film shows how Jewish Rothschild banking family made fortune from the blood of the Germans in the time of the wars of Napoleon. England appears as a society dominated by Jews. The final scene shows a Star of David over the map of England.

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