Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mystical Rose

Athol Bloomer wrote an extensive article titled Mystical Rose where he claims that the two triangles of the Magen David are the two mems of the name of Miriaim. It is the union of the Divine Wisdom (the mem pointing downwards-mem sofit) with the Mother of Understanding and Wisdom (Sophia) (the mem pointing upwards). The Magen David is seen as a Key to the Tower of David and to the Rose Garden.

A similar claim was made, by researcher Uri Ofir  who claims that the origin of the Star of David is from the Tabernacle, a year after the exodus, and that it was made by the Lord in the shape of the Lilium Candidum (rose).

A big Star of David from late Byzantine period was found in the ruins of Sufa and in its center appears a side projection of a lily.

In Hebrew the number six (Shesh) and the rose (Shoshan) sound very close.

The more I learn this subject the more I find that there is a close relationship between these two emblems of the Jewish people – the Star of David and the rose (Shoshanat Yaakov)…

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