Sunday, July 16, 2006

Jesus' Grave in Shingo Japan

There is a Star of David on a grave in Japan in which according to Japanese local legend, Jesus had been buried.
Jesus, thus tells the legend, came to Japan when he was 21 years old, during the reign of the 11th emperor, Suinin; he studied the Japanese language and stayed for 11 years. Then he returned to Judea and was condemned to death. Jesus succeeded to escape but his brother Isukiri was nailed to the cross and died instead of him. Jesus returned to Japan, married Miyuko, had three daughters, died 106 years old and was buried in Shingo village.
Sajiro Sawaguchi, whose family owns the cemetery, claims to be a direct descendant of Jesus. Sawaguchi's family crest is taken from the Star of David. Ancient kimonos made in the area have a Star of David on them.

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