Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Theodor Herzl's tombstone

Theodor Herzl's tombstone Stars of David

Picture is courtesy of Wikimedia Commons
There are a lot of Stars of David on Theodore Herzl's tombstone. He was buried in Vienna on the 7 July 1904, next to his father. Die Welt reported that six thousand people came to the funeral from all over the world.
BTW if one sums the digits of the day and month of his funeral [7 July (7th month)] it equals14 which is the sum of the digits in the Hebrew letters of David and the same goes for the sum of the digits of the year 1904. Experts on numerology will probably understand what this means. For me it's just an association that Theodore Herzl was a Shield (of David) that protected the Jewish People from its numerous enemies.
Stars of David surrounded Herzl at least since June 4 1897 when he published the first issue of Die Welt.

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zeevveez said...

I found on http://www.nunbetbooks.co.il/pic147/147525.jpg
a Star of David shaped key holder- pendant, showing a portrait of Herzel on one side and of Chaim Weizman on the other.