Thursday, June 01, 2006

"The Stone which the Builders Refused"

Today I visited Dr. Zeev Goldman, 101 years old, in his apartment in Jerusalem. He invited me to talk about his research on the Star of David and lent me Dr. G.S. Oegema book, Realms of Judaism, The history of the Shield of David, the birth of a symbol, Peter Lang, Germany, 1996, ISBN 3-631-30192-8).


In the acknowledgments Dr. G.S. Oegema tells about a touring exhibition to commemorate the introduction of the yellow badge in Europe 50 years earlier. The exhibition traveled to many German cities from 1991 and was meant to improve understanding between Jews and Germans. Dr. G.S. Oegema was asked to prepare this exhibition and that's what triggered him to write his book.


What a twist in history! The yellow badge that made such a distance between Jews and Nazis during the holocaust became a source of getting closer.  Reminds me of the Bible verse Psalms 118:22:


"The stone [which] the builders refused is become the head [stone] of the corner"…


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Anonymous said...

very good resource. I have a ring that has a five point star within a six point and was wondering if it was jewish or possibly something else