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Star of David Time Table


Star of David Time Table

Israelite slaves in Egypt crystallized salt with Magen Davids made from straw (David Bloch's theory) Egypt 17 BCE


Magen David was created as an ornament in the Menorah Tabernacle (Uri Ofir's theory) Desert, 13 BCE

King David used it as his shield, Jerusalem, 10 BCE


King Solomon used it on his ring , Jerusalem, 10 BCE

On a wall of a room, Megiddo, 9 BCE


On a seal belonging to Joshua b. Asayahu, Sidon, 7 BCE


The Ten lost tribes that were exiled by king of Assyria, 7 BCE

Kagome crest at some of Shinto's oldest and most important temples, Japan, 5 BCE

On Jar handles found by archeologist Sukenik, Israel,  1 BCE


It was the shape of Bar Kochba's Shield in his revolt against the Roman Empire, Israel, 2 CE

In a synagogue, Capernaum, 3 CE

On a Jewish tombstone, Taranto, 3 CE                                                           


On a Magic bowl found in 1853, Kinneret, 3 CE  


On a rock excavated at a synagogue, Eshtamoa,  3 CE


In a Synagogue,  Horbat Shura,  5 CE


Used by Khazars, Caucasus, 5 -10 CE

On a cover page of the Leningrad Codex, Leningrad, 11 CE


In a Synagogue, Hamelin, 13  CE

On a Tanakh manuscript, Toledo, 13 CE


On the flag of the Jewish community, Prague, 14 CE

On a flag  of an allegorical figure in a Catalan manuscript, Catalonia, 14 CE


In a Kabbalistic book titled Sefer ha-Gevul, 14 CE

On a red flag  when the Jews of Ofen received King Mathios Kuruvenus, Budapest,  15 CE

In the first Hebrew prayer book, Prague, 16 CE                       


On  the walls of Jerusalem, 16 CE


As a trademark for Jewish printers,  Europe, 16 CE


Isaac Luria taught that the elements of the plate for the Seder evening have to be placed in the order of the hexagram, Tzfat, 16 CE

On the tombstone of David Gans, the astronomer and historian, Prague, 17 CE


On a stone marking the boundary between the Jewish and the Christian quarters, Vienna, 17 CE                                   


Used by Sabbatai Zvi, the false messiah, 17 CE

Rothschild incorporated it into his family coat of arms, Germany, 17 CE

On the Jewish  community seal, Vienna, 17 CE  

On a medallion and as part of the community's seal, Amsterdam, 17 CE


On wedding stones in synagogues, Germany,  17 CE

Alchemists began calling it the shield of David, Europe, 18 CE

Tombstone, Bordeaux, 18 CE

As a specific Jewish sign in a satirical anti-Semitic engraving, 18 CE


Heinrich Heine signed his letters with a Magen David instead of his name, Paris, 19 CE

On the  walls of a synagogue which was built from the remains of an ancient synagogue, Peki'in, 19 CE


The symbol of the first Zionist groups Bilu, Hovevei Zion etc. Europe, 19 CE


The Jewish Gauchos of the Pampas, Argentina, 19 CE

On the first edition of Herzl's newspaper Die Welt,  19 CE

Ephraim Moses Lilien's "From Ghetto to Zion" postcard, Bazel, 19 CE

On Edler von Lamel School building, Jerusalem, 20 CE

On a poster for the recruitment to the Jewish Legion, 20 CE

On the badge of the Zion Mule Corps soldiers, Turkey, 20 CE

Franz Rosenzweig wrote the Star of Redemption, 20 CE

On the old Technion building, Haifa, 20 CE

Yellow badges in the Holocaust, Europe, 20 CE

Jewish Autonomous Region in Russia, Birobidzhan  , 20 CE

On Jewish Money, Ghetto Lodz , 20 CE

On the Israeli flag, Israel , 20 CE

Gershom Scholem wrote his prominent, research about the Star of David, Israel , 20 CE




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