Sunday, June 18, 2006

Rare Coins

On Rosenblum’s collection of rare coins I found a few that have the Star of David inscribed on them. The designers equate Star of David with Zionism, or equate it with Judaism.
1882. Star of David above a Torah scroll
Late 19th Century Edmond Rothschild and Montifiore with Star of David
Early 20th century Pin- White Star of David on blue background encircling the word "Zion" in Hebrew in gold
1919- Nordeu's 70th birthday..
1968- Theodore Herzl with 7 stars
World War II Metal pin with Star of David of the Jewish Brigade.
Emblem of the Engineering Unit of the Brigade
1980. Raoul Wallenberg
19th Century Silver: Moses holding the 10 Commandments

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