Tuesday, May 02, 2006


What is a Star of David? What is the meaning of its name? What is its origin? What is its meaning? What are its synonyms? What are its interpretations? What kinds of it are there? What is the difference between Star of David and mullet/ Solomon's seal/ hexagram? What is the meaning of the Star of David in other cultures? What is so interesting about it? What is the biggest/ smallest Star of David in the world? What is the attitude of different social/religious groups towards it? What is its influence? What is its past? What is its future?


When was it invented?


Where does it come from? Where was it invented? Where can I see it? Where can I find resources about it? Where is it published? Where were found Star of David artifacts?


Who invented it? Who used it? Who dealt with it: in research, in writing, in art, in science? Who loves it? Who hates it?


Why was it invented; to what purpose? Why do people use it? Why was it chosen for the Israeli flag? 


How to draw it? How do people use it? How much does it cost?


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zeevveez said...

Why did the Nazis choose the Star of David for the Yellow Badge and not any other Jewish symbol e.g. menorah, shofar.