Saturday, May 06, 2006


Star of  King David on the hat of Nepal's King 1 Rupee (1985)

On February 1, 2005 Nepal's King Gyanendra announced on TV news the dissolving of the elected government because it wasn't democratic enough. On his head there was a hat with a few religious symbols; one of them looked like the Star of David. This is an opportunity to ponder about the difference between the different appearances of the hexagram in different cultures.
 In order to decide which is which one must consider the context. If the context is Jewish the shape is a Star of David…the king of Nepal has a non Jewish hexagram while the flag of Israel has a Star of David in its center. It may sound absurd that the conclusion is dependent on the assumption - but isn't it a part of the charm of this symbol: as above so below. You can look at it from the center to the corners and the other way round, from the assumption to the conclusion and the other way round.


zeevveez said...

Every Star of David is a hexagram, but not every hexagram is a Star of David. Then there's a need to distinguish between the Christian Star of David and the Jewish Star of David. This blog is dedicated to the Jewish Star of David, the Magen David.

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Guy Livneh said...

Nepalese fighter planes are marked with a Hexagaram.