Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Leningrad Codex

Leningrad Codex magen david

The Leningrad Codex contains sixteen decorative geometric patterns of medieval Jewish art. One of them, the cover page, shows a Star of David in a square while the square is in a circle. There are Hebrew verses from the Bible around the star and the square, and in the center of the Star there's a dedication of the book to the writer's teacher.

The Leningrad Codex is the oldest surviving complete copy of the Masoretic text of the Hebrew Bible, written by Shmuel ben Ya'akov in Egypt in 1008.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia entry: Leningrad Codex

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zeevveez said...

Title: The Leningrad Codex
Rediscovering the oldest complete Hebrew Bible
Excerpt: "we have been able to photograph it using the latest equipment and photographic techniques and to prepare a new replica edition, which will soon be available."