Friday, May 19, 2006

A Kosher Conspiracy

The New Statesman published on the front cover of its January 2002 issue a gold Star of David standing on the center of a Union Jack above the headline "A Kosher Conspiracy". Inside there were two articles about this subject investigating the influence of pro-Israel lobby on British media.

The leadership of Anglo Jewry as well as Jewish and non-Jewish academics and politicians protested thinking this cover was a distasteful example of growing anti-Semitism in Britain.

Peter Pulzer, former Professor of Political Science and Modern History at Oxford University, suggested a test to check whether a certain statement is a legitimate criticism or an anti-Semite criticism. The New Statesman clearly failed his test. 

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zeevveez said...

"There is a tendency by certain political groups to portray the Star of David as a Zionist political symbol and therefore 'fair game'. Signs and graffiti equating the Star of David with a Swastika are commonplace"