Sunday, May 28, 2006

The scope of this blog

This blog is focused on Jewish Stars of David (Magen David), but includes information also about the following subjects which refer to other sorts of hexagrams in other cultures:

Bronze Age hexagrams

Iron Age hexagrams

Arabs' and Muslims' hexagrams

Christian hexagrams

Eastern Religions hexagrams

Alchemy hexagrams

Witchcraft, Occultism hexagrams

Astrology hexagrams


Mullets (or molets)

Chinese checkers

Shatkona (Yantra), Mandala, Indian hexagrams




Non Jewish heraldry and flags

Red Magen David


Zion Christian Church

Latter-day Saints (Mormons)

Buddhism Hinduism and Jainism


zeevveez said...

Researcher Peter Freimark found no connection between the Shield of David and the Brewery Star except for the fact that they were found in the same places(Bohemia Moravia and Franconia.

zeevveez said...

More hexagrams that do not belong to ths scope of this blook are Pokemons and Sheriff badges.

zeevveez said...

More hexagrams that do not belong to ths scope of this blook are Zoroastrian hexagrams, Armenian hexagrams, and Chrismons:

==Zoroastrian hexagram==
M. Costa wrote that according to the Zoroastrian religion the triangle that points up symbolize Ahur Mazda, the God of goodness and light while the triangle that points down symbolize Ahriman, the God of Evel and darkness. Posing the first triangle over the second makes a hexagram that symbolizes the victory of good over evil, of light over darkness. ["Hatakh ha-zahav, hotam Shelomoh u-magen-David", Poalim, 1990 Hebrew, pp. 154]

==Armenian hexagram==
the "Star of David" is used in Armenian art like in the dome of Saint James Church in The Armenian Quarter in Old Jerusalem [,7340,L-3172157,00.html]

Chrismons handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree. The name is a combination of CHRISt and MONogram. There is a gallery of such Chrismons on [] and one of them is

"-The Star of David or the Creator's Star. The six points represent six aspects of God: love, mercy, wisdom, majesty, power, and justice. In this form, the two triangles represent the Trinity".