Saturday, May 27, 2006


Searching on Google for the keywords "star of David" Ebay retrieved about 282,000 results, which means that it is a very popular item on eBay.

Clustering the first 150 results on vivisimo shows the main categories of these products:

38 results deal with Jewelry

24 results deal with Ebay Store

12 results deal with Designer

9 results deal with Crystal

7 results deal with Symbol

7 results deal with Star of David necklace

8 results deal with Italian Charms

6 results deal with Heart

4 results deal with Magen David

5 results deal with Books

Searching on Ebay for the keywords "Star of David" retrieved 668 items:

Jewellery & Watches (385)

Necklaces & Pendants (163)

Charms & Charm Bracelets (74)

Earrings (18)

Collectables (172)

Religions, Spirituality (148)

Historical Memorabilia (6)

Decorative Collectables (5)

Pottery & Glass (43)

Glass (40)

Pottery & China (3)

The overall picture is that the most popular items are Jewellery, Necklaces and Charms.

I'd like to read an analysis of the Star of David world market. Maybe one of you readers can guide me where to find it. Then I'll have an answer for the question – How much does it cost?


zeevveez said...

A Star of David is surrounded with birds and scrollwork. On a bookmark that was adapted from a 20th century prayer shawl bag from Meknes, Morocco.

Paper Star of David Card
There's a useful explamnation how to make a Paper Star of David Card on

zeevveez said...

let you see a Star of David when looking at bright points of light.

Danny levine started on January 2006 selling 3-D holographic Glasses that let you see a Star of David when looking at bright points of light, like city lights, candles and fireworks.

I saw two nice star of david mandalas on June Moon Gallery

zeevveez said... is offering a Star of David hologram to personlize cellular phone lens. The hologram is transparent and , the display is seen through it.