Saturday, May 13, 2006

Collage of Opinions

A month ago I quoted some interesting questions and answers that were published on Yahoo Answers regarding the search words "Star of David". I noticed that there were many ready made answers so that this time I phrased a question so that it will bypass this obstacle and get right to the point:

"What does the Jewish Star of David mean to you?

I'm looking for subjective answers - not copy & paste from some book..."

In a few hours I got 9 answers and I thank all those who took the time and made the effort.

The last three answers mixed the Star of David with other hexagrams like Yantra and Chinese checkers, which is very prevalent phenomenon. The others are quite varied and together they provide an interesting collage of opinions.

1. Aaron:
"Everything we live for".

2. Sarahmusicho:
"not a damn thing".

3. applechick282:
"To me, it is a symbol for my fore runners". 

4. Cookie777:
"I'm not Jewish, but I believe the triangle with the point on top represents man looking upward to God, and the triangle with the point down represents God looking downward to man".

5. nightstalker770:
"It means a lot to me cuz im jewish"

6. fbiagent2tha:
"As a symbol it has no significance for me personally

7. kitchenchemist:
now I think it is becoming a symbol of repression, not what was done in WWII to the Jews but of what Jews are doing to others".

8. little_momma_05:
"Sorry, I am not Jewish. It is just another pretty star to me".

9. Abram K:
"I believe it has the same origin as the Sri Yantra". 

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