Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Unexpected Star of David

Logo of Police Trinidad &Tobago
Source: wikipedia entry:
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

We are talking about the same shape of two equilateral triangles in different colors, sizes, materials, ornaments and places. There is an amazing variety of these and that's why it is so fascinating to collect them on this blog.

Dionne Jarrette surprised me with her story about the unexpected appearance of this symbol on Trinidad Police jeeps, flag, hats and buttons of their uniform. How did it arrive to a place where there is no synagogue and where only a few Jews live?

The explanation is that in the 1930s Trinidad was a British colony and a British Colonel was transferred from Palestine to Trinidad. He was not Jewish, but he probably saw it in Palestine and decided to adopt it for the Trinidad Police force. Others believe it was a talisman that brought good luck and that's why it was chosen.

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