Monday, April 10, 2006

Old Synagogue

Picture of Kazimerz Jewish Quarter, Krakow, Old Synagogue was taken by "hugovk" from Flickr.

He wrote to me:

I took the photo because its simplicity along the gates was striking. It just caught my eye.

Copyright: "hugovk" 2006

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Hugo said...

Re: Creative Commons.

On all Flickr photo pages, if you look at the right of the photo and down a bit it will say either "All rights reserved" or "Some rights reserved". If it's the latter, then there might be a little "CC" logo. If you click that, it'll tell you what sort of Creative Commons licence it has.

Well, that's not very obvious is it?! But it's good that Flickr lets users licence their photos in this way if they choose :)