Thursday, March 30, 2006

Flags of the world Star of David

I found interesting information about Stars of David on "flags of the World"  website:


1. First Star of David flag

Dov Gutterman wrote that in 1354 the Jewish community in Prague put the Star of David on its flag and that's the first recorded appearance of a Star of David on a flag.


2. Druze soldiers' Star of David flag

Dov Gutterman wrote that Druze soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have a flag with a white Magen David on a green triangle.


3. Birobidzhan Jewish Autonomous Region Star of David flag

Muhamed Mesic wrote that one of his friends saw a strange flag hanging from the windows in Birobidzhan, and it includes a Magen David in the center.


4. Proposed Jewish Flag for Sweden

Natan Zlotnik designed a yellow badge on a blue background and expressed his wish to fly it at Jewish holidays.



zeevveez said...

Thre's a white "Star of David" on the Northern Ireland Ulster flag:
"There is a dispute as to the meaning of the star, with some maintaining it is the Star of David, and others say it represents the six counties that make up Northern Ireland."

zeevveez said...

Dov Gutterman sent me an email about the first appearance of the Star of David on a flag which was on Colonial Nigeria flag

zeevveez said...

Another flag with 24 Stars of David is the Salta province (Argentina)Flag.

Dov Gutterman recommends searching on the above site for
Star: 6 points

zeevveez said...

About British Nigeria badge
D.Prothero wrote on 23 March 1998
I came across an explanation in one of the 1949 editions of a magazine called Nigeria, which had an extract from a letter written in April 1940 by Lord Lugard.

The design of the interlaced triangles is I think commonly called Solomon's Seal. I do not know if and when it was adopted as the seal of Islam but it was found on the lid of a very handsome goblet or jug of brass and copper covered with designs, which was captured by the troops when the Emir of Kontagora, the principle slave-raider in Northern Nigeria was defeated. I thought it an appropriate badge for Northern Nigeria and as far as I can remember it was my own suggestion. On amalgamation of North and South it was adopted as the emblem of united Nigeria.