Monday, January 17, 2011

Translations of articles about the six pointed star

As time goes by copyrights expire and there is an opportunity to publish basic researches in the field of the six pointed star.
If one of you readers is willing to send me a translation into English (Free of charge) I"ll be happy to publish it here with your name, and to announce that the copyrights of the translation belong to you
The articles for translating are
Vajda Bela, “on the History of the Shield of David”
Hungarian: Magyar Zsido Szemle XVII (1900), 310-322
German: Mitteilungen der Gesellscaft fur judische Volkskunde X (1902), 138 ff and also there XX (1918), 33-42
 Portugese: Leite de Vasconcelos Signum Salomonis (Solomon's Seal, 1918) - about 20 pages that mention the six pointed star
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