Saturday, May 19, 2007

Tanya Preminger

ART Israel Yellow Badge, Photo is courtesy of sculptor Tanya Preminger who wrote to me:
In Passover, the feast of freedom, appeared in the fields of Arsuf-Kedem [ 2 km north of Herzelia, Israel] a huge Star of David made off chrysanthemum, which fills our land with its flowers in spring. This display was made by a group of environmental sculptors lead by Tanya Preminger. After WWII the ;became in our consciousness a symbol of suffering and death. By creating it from flowers in the field these sculptors want to renovate the original symbol which means flowering, blossom, life, independence and freedom.

It reminds me of the verse from Jeremiah 33:11
For I will restore the fortunes of the land as they were at first,' says the LORD.

But since every day our enemies try to make us disappear I’m afraid that the end of times is delayed. Anyhow I think that this enterprise is full of good vibrations and it is a right movement in the right direction.

Tanya Preminger was born in the Soviet Union in 1944. Since 1972 she lives and teaches in Israel. She is married and has 4 daughters. Tania works in various art media: sculpture, landscape art, installation and photography.
photography of Shlomi Waserman.
Copyright: Tanya Preminger 2007

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